Simperium Python


The Simperium Python library helps you build backend services and command-line apps. By using a special admin key, you can tap all the changes being made by all your users on every device.

You might use Simperium Python for a variety of purposes:

  • Host your own database that mirrors all your user accounts and data
  • React to changes as they occur, for example to send emails to your users
  • Integrate with other backend services like Urban Airship and Twilio
  • Build admin tools to help you manage your app
  • Sync authoritative, curated content to your users
  • Perform custom analytics by querying your data or by monitoring changes

Using Simperium Python

This is currently a wrapper for our HTTP API rather than a full-fledged library with diffing. Clone the Simperium Python repository to get started.

git clone

Want complete control over your app's data and users? You can use Simperium Python to receive all your app's data across all your users, and then keep it updated in your own database.

Try the Simpletodo Service tutorial to learn how it works, or see the Python API reference for more details.