Data Browser Web, Backbone.js

When you add an app, you get a data browser for debugging. It uses Simperium to update data in realtime as changes are being made, and allows you to investigate your app's versioned data.

Simplenote iPhone, iPad, Mac, Web

Simplenote is a simple way to keep notes, lists, ideas and more. With more than half a million users, it uses Simperium to move notes between devices, people, and an ecosystem of third-party apps.

Simplesmash iPhone, iPad, Web, Python, cocos2d

Move a character across multiple iPhone and iPad screens while using a web app to configure the arrangement of devices. Use a service to validate the position.

Boards Web, Backbone.js

A serverless, web-based demonstration of how to instantly move changes to power a realtime collaborative workspace.

Simpletodo iOS, Android, Web, Backbone.js, Python

Move todo items among different versions of this app with only a few lines of code, and use a service to track some basic analytics. You can follow the tutorials to learn how to build it yourself. Browse code on GitHub: iOS , Android

Simplestat iPhone, Python

Pump stats from a backend service to your iOS device.